2019 Hobie Outback, 8 Miles Offshore, NEVER AGAIN

By MDLR Fishing 10 months ago

Yes, this guy doesn’t know what he’s doing! Yes, it’s not his kayak it’s him! Yes, he didn’t prepare properly! Yes, he overloaded his kayak! Yes...Yes...yes...yes! Now that I’ve confirmed the assumptions of the Peanut Gallery. Here’s a little bit of insight. Daniel is a superb offshore kayaker with years of experience. I've been in the game since 2009 and have kayaked all types of water around the globe. This trip was planned for a month and we were just waiting for an opportunity to go. Between all three of us we had all the gear necessary for the day. My kayak was well under its weight limitations. I carried a medium size Hobie fish bag, an anchor, and a milk crate with three tackle trays. Powering the Lowrance is a FPV 17.5ah battery(feather light). One dry box with 8 GoPro batteries and that’s it. Now let it be known that I absolutely love my 2019 Outback and if given a second chance to buy something else. I'd still go with the Outback. It's that good. I'm just simply trying to convey that it didn't handle well in some pretty bad conditions. Honestly, I don't think many other kayaks would've did any better. I would never compromise my morals and values for personal gain. That's not me, it's not who I am. I call it like I see it, even if it means me slicing my own neck. It's what my leaders in the Marines loved about me. Be honest, state what's wrong and then figure out how to fix it. This trip was a personal experience that I felt needed to be shared. Are there others out there that can do better in those conditions? I'm sure of it. But to negate the fact that their skill level is on par with everyone else is downright negligent. I don't claim to be a Pro. At most I'm like everyone else, an intermediate kayak fisherman. So to pretend and edit the video like the kayak handled any different would be a lie. At the end of the day we're all different and your experience on the water could be better or worse. This was just how mine was. There’s a reason why we didn’t see any other small craft at the rigs on a weekend. Because we shouldn’t of been out there. The 2019 Outback is hands down better than its predecessor but it has limits and I found this out the hard way.
I hope y'all find the video informative and are able to take something away from it.

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Filmed in 4K 60fps

What I Film With:
Action Hat - https://www.actionhat.com
iPhone 7
GoPro Hero 6 Black
RODE smartLav+ Mic
RODE Video Mic Pro

Computer - Apple Macbook Pro 15
Editing Software - Final Cut Pro X

Gear I Use:
Kayak – Hobie Outback 2019
Life Jacket – Hobie Inflatable
Fish Finder - Lowrance Elite 7 TI


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