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These 21 easy riddles for kids will turn your mind inside out, forcing your brain to work. Surprisingly, kids crack these riddles faster and better, than adults:

00:14 - Murder riddle.
This murder riddle is extremely difficult because the crime scheme was being elaborated carefully for a long time. It's almost impossible to reveal the way the murderer managed to kill one brother without doing any harm to the other one, but there is nothing impossible for a brilliant Detective! Maybe one of the brothers is poison-resistant? Or he just pretended drinking? Who knows... You're the only one to solve this case and make the murderer suffer the consequences!
01:46 - Logic puzzle.
To solve this brain teaser or better say detective riddles you'll need all logic and brains that are available around you! The brain teaser itself is not difficult, but you need to have that ability to look beyond what you see 👀This guy thinks it's easy to get in, but you and I know that it's trickier than it looks like! Let's see if you are smarter than this poor guy!
03:29 - What is missing? - Tricky riddles.
These tricky riddles are only for those with creative logic and great analytical skills that can connect the dots and see beyond the box :)
04:23 - Logic riddle to test your logic.
This a fun logic riddle that will test your logic and will break your head! Surprisingly, kids solve this logic puzzle right away, while adults struggle and fail to suggest anything more or less close to the right answer. If you solve this riddle before the answer is revealed, leave in the comments: "06:15 - A kid at heart", if you failed: "06:15 - I'm an old soul!"
05:46 - What is missing? - Easy riddles for kids.
These easy riddles for kids that all the adults always fail. It's just funny how we (adults) love to overcomplicate things and end up to be the ones with the wrong answers :)
07:33 - Odd one out - Cool riddles to test your analytical skills.
09:58 - Connect the dots - Funny riddles and math puzzles.
12:08 - Tricky puzzles to boost your logic.
Tricky puzzles to boost your logical thinking and wake your brain up! You really need to stretch your brain a bit and turn on your logic to crack these three puzzles. I failed to solve the second and third one, and when I saw the answers, it was just WOW, IT'S SO OBVIOUS! Tell me, how many of them you've solved!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS how many of these riddles you managed to crack on your own. I scored 12/21 :)

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