30-degree rule and peace sign for visualizing the cue ball natural angle, from VEPS-I (NV B.66)

By DrDaveBilliards over 9 years ago

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Dr. Dave and Tom Ross show how to apply the 30-degree rule peace sign technique for a wide range of rolling-cue-ball pool shots, where the cue ball heads in the natural-angle half-ball hit direction. The rule is useful to avoid scratches, get position, aim carom and billiard shots, and plan break-out and avoidance shots. This is an example shot from Disc I of "The Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots" (VEPS). The VEPS series includes over 750 shots in 50 different categories, with over 250 "gems" of the game. The series is the most comprehensive collection of pool shots ever published. Disc I covers basic shot making and position control.

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