Avengers Endgame Trailer Drops Unexpectedly: Our Review - Collider Live #92

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IT’S PI DAY PI DAY GOTTA GET DOWN ON #PIDAY 3.14159265359 BABYYYYYY! Today on Collider Live, we’re celebrating all types of math, geometry, the concept of infinite, group theory, and more with noted mathematicians host Kristian Harloff, Kate Mulligan, Mark Reilly, Cody Hall, and Alex Marzoña (who actually was a math major DID YOU KNOW THAT)! Acclaimed numerologist Matt Knost joins in on the fun, with Michelle Chapman calling in later in the show to talk about her new Showtime standup show, Funny Women of a Certain Age. Oh, and I guess we’re gonna talk about the #AvengersEndgame trailer, too.

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00:00 welcome Kate Mulligan! What makes someone a player?; reminiscing
07:44 Avengers: Endgame trailer review; what do we think will happen?
19:51 Kate is a fan of Roxy, a discussion on Thomas Guides
24:40 we love the FB group; how do you get verified?
29:43 does Kate miss stand up? have you been held up at gunpoint? do you have a friend named Cheese? when is Kate/Harloff/Brett getting back in the game?
49:11 when is it right to STOP LYING TO YOUR CHILDREN; sleep shaming children
1:02:03 Matt Knost joins the table to talk live shows, breaking Kristian’s balls, Napzok and learning about yourself as a comedian
1:13:39 Top 10 lists, SNL & Jim Belushi, Dropping Dimes, and Rocha’s basketball skills
1:28:44 Kate was supposed to be on Grasping at Straws
1:31:43 Carole Montgomery calls in to talk about her new special Funny Women Of A Certain Age, her standup career, and Avengers: Endgame
1:38:45 Brett really should get back into standup!
1:41:50 phone calls and FB/Twitter questions - where is the best place to start a standup career? are you okay with the Avengers: Endgame runtime? are you upset with spoiling some character pairings? how are you liking the marketing for Endgame? favorite standup albums?

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