Eight days and counting

By Carl Brooke - Sailor, Diver, Youtuber, Fisherman. 12 months ago

To make my dreams come true, I have started a Go Fund Me.
If you are able to help, then please use this link.

Also, I need to sell my land in Alaska. If you know someone who wants a great property in Alaska, have them look at this video. https://youtu.be/9AntHcVsV6E

It takes a lot of hard work bringing you Grandpas Farm Goes sailing and we are trying to help a lot of groups and organizations to do some good in the world. Please check out our Patreon page and pitch in some if you can. Your patronage is greatly appreciated. Please click here to go to our Patreon Page.

Or make it real simple and use Paypal go to Paypal.me/CarlBrooke

Either way we appreciate your contribution. Thank you.

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