Fisherman Flips Kayak In COLD Water - How Much Do We Rescue?! - Bonafide SS127 Stability

By Mr Tight Lines 4 months ago

Well, the title says it all.

While taking a family member out for one of their first Kayak Fishing adventures (literally his second time, I think, in a kayak), he attempts to stretch to reach me and flips the kayak, dumping ALL the contents into the very cold pond.

Poles, lost.
Cell Phone, lost.
Pride, lost.

How much do we recover?

Also, consider the fact that this poor person has had traumatic experiences with water when they were just a child. He's since gotten back on the water, in a Yak, and attained redemption...but one thing I can promise you we didn't fully recover; Our pride.

Please wear your PFD! Especially if you're out alone, especially if it's windy, especially in hazardous environments (like in our case, cold water).

Kayaks in this video:

Bonafide SS127 (Recovery vessel)
Field and Stream Eagle Run (Flipped vessel)