SiN Episodes and Old Engine Bhopping [ROBLOX FURRIES]

By DeSinc about 1 month ago

Entry into the Roblox Furry space (slideshow because OBS doesn't like roblox (oh I also played SiN episodes a bit)) finishing in the old engine cause that game got boring

the bitrate is garbage because I'm in australia and I only have 1.5Mb/s usable upload speed
the webcam is garbage because I found it in a KFC dumpster
the other webcam is garbage because it's missing a lens

specs: GTX1080 / 6700k / 16gb ddr4 ram literally any speed is fine for ram if you have intel



if you're on iphone and are a chinese whale with family money, you can click this link to join the sub train
but only if you're a rich whale with lottery money