KLab Games Station: Episode 56

By KLab Games Station 11 months ago

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Episode 56 starts at 12:42
Headline News! 13:25

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team starts at: 20:49
-Info about release campaigns: 22:35
-Info on Transfers: 25:36
-Dream Team 101 an intro to Dream Team: 35:01

LLSIF corner starts at 43:22 and includes:
-Scout Schedule: 45:24
-KGS Scouts Aqours Wonderland Part 1!: 48:58
-Tips & Tricks for Angelic Angel (Expert) starts from 53:37.(Available from 12/13-12/20 as a B-Side)**Dates subject to change
-Matt plays Angelic Angel (Expert) : 55:14
-Guess the Girl and Series Challenge: 58:23

Brave Souls corner starts at 59:57 and includes:
- In the Shop: 1:01:07
- Wasabi Summons: 1:09:37
- Upcoming Events: 1:03:16
- Question Bucket: 1:12:27
- Co-Op Challenge: 1:15:28
Wrap Up: 1:35:24

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