Madness in The EU - Burning Down the Asylum

By American McGee 8 months ago

Sheesh guys, we know you can't wait for another EU livestream... but you don't have to burn the place down! American and Martin bring you updates on Alice: Asylum, Out of the Woods, Pirate Jam, and all sorts of Mysterious things!

**Special EU Timezone Livestream**

We'll discuss the eminent shipping of "Out of the Woods," talk about the latest physical item promotion over on Patreon, and do a post-mortem on the first-ever conference call crowd-design effort on Alice: Asylum. Sooo much to cover!

We'll take your Questions and Suggestions from Patreon along with comments from our YouTube Members and Super Chats - so if you've got questions for us, post them now!

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Intro Music by Kian How