Madness in The EU - Burning Down the Asylum

By American McGee 13 days ago

Sheesh guys, we know you can't wait for another EU livestream... but you don't have to burn the place down! American and Martin bring you updates on Alice: Asylum, Out of the Woods, Pirate Jam, and all sorts of Mysterious things!

**Special EU Timezone Livestream**

We'll discuss the eminent shipping of "Out of the Woods," talk about the latest physical item promotion over on Patreon, and do a post-mortem on the first-ever conference call crowd-design effort on Alice: Asylum. Sooo much to cover!

We'll take your Questions and Suggestions from Patreon along with comments from our YouTube Members and Super Chats - so if you've got questions for us, post them now!

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Intro Music by Kian How