Super Mario Sunshine 100% Walkthrough | ALL Pinna Park Shine Sprites! [Episode 4 🔴LIVE]

By AbdallahSmash026 10 months ago

Abdallah provides a 100% Gameplay Walkthrough of Super Mario Sunshine, collecting all 11 Shine Sprites in Pinna Park on Gamecube, with a Family-Friendly narration in HD 1080p60 Episode 4!
Watch the Super Mario Sunshine Playlist: Guide Timestamps below!

Welcome to my HD 1080p60 Walkthrough of Super Mario Sunshine! I'll be playing the entire game, collecting 120 stars, on my Gamecube, without emulation! Each livestream will consist of playing each area, so look forward to the series LIVE on YouTube!

We collect all 11 Shine Sprites in Pinna Park:
Episode 1: Mecca-Bowser Appears! – 3:10
Episode 2: The Beach Cannon’s Secret – 11:27
Episode 3: Red Coins of the Pirate Ship – 18:37
Episode 4: The Wilted Sunflowers – 39:18
Episode 5: The Runaway Ferris Wheel – 43:35
Episode 6: The Yoshi-Go- Round’s Secret – 59:02
Episode 7: Shadow Mario in the Park – 1:34:15
Episode 8: Rollar Coaster Balloons – 1:39:17
Secret Shine 1: The Beach Cannon’s Red Coins – 2:12:25
Secret Shine 2: The Yoshi-Go- Round’s Red Coins – 2:20:17
100-Coin Shine – 2:30:55

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Viewer's challenges - Obtain a Star by:
1. Not collecting a single coin
2. Only using Backflips for jumps
3. Play with an upside down controller
4. Play with one hand
5. No FLUDD / Only one tank of water

About Super Mario Sunshine:
Super Mario Sunshine is a Mario action-adventure 3D platformer released for the Nintendo GameCube. It follows Super Mario 64, and is the second 3D Mario platformer. This game introduced many recurring characters and bosses in the Mario series, including Toadsworth, Bowser Jr., Petey Piranha, Gooper Blooper, Piantas, Nokis, Shadow Mario, and F.L.U.D.D. Super Mario Sunshine is the second game in the Mario series to feature extensive voice acting, the first being Hotel Mario, making it the first, and thus far, the only 3D Mario game with said voice acting. It also pays homage to Mario's Italian heritage and upbringing, with many of the locations in the game (including the island itself) having Italian names and sometimes referencing Italian culture.[]

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