Thu, Mar 14: College Bribery Scandal; Patrick Rooney on U.S. Deaths; Aboud, Ex-Con on Prison Reforms

By Jesse Lee Peterson 4 months ago

Thu, Mar 14 Hour 1: College Admissions Scandal

| 1) Actress Lori Loughlin’s bond was set at $1 Million after being charged in the recent college admissions scandal. Loughlin is best know for her role as Uncle Jesse’s wife, Aunt Becky, on the popular 90’s TV show ‘Full House.’ She surrendered to federal authorities in Los Angeles yesterday morning after she was charged with ‘conspiracy to commit fraud’ for allegedly paying $500,000 to have her two daughters compete on the University of South California’s rowing team. It turned out that neither of her daughters had ever competed on rowing teams, and the pictures of them ‘rowing’ that were sent to the USC coach were taken on practice rowing machines.

Another person who is being charged in the admissions scandal is Big Momma Michelle’s former personal tennis coach Gordon Ernst. Personal tennis instructor for Michelle Obama and her daughters charged in bribery scheme. Gordon Ernst worked for the Obama family from 2012 to 2017 while he was coaching at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. He is now being accused of ‘conspiracy to racketeering’ while at Georgetown, and allegedly accepted $3 million in bribes to place dozens of students on the college’s tennis team who had never played tennis competitively before.

| 2) Elaine out of Alabama is a first time caller who called to tell Jesse about a rape that was committed by an illegal alien on a 12-year-old Alabama girl. She claims that the man was deported twice, but somehow made his way back into the country.

Jesse is another first time caller from Texas who called to ask Jesse for some career advice. He has a daughter out of wedlock and has been working as a teacher for some time, but is now thinking about joining the military.

Dan is a first time caller out of Tennessee who called to show Jesse some gratitude.

Chad, first time caller out of Illinois, called to ask Jesse the steps to being saved.

Thu, Mar 14 Hour 2: Patrick Rooney on the 12 Leading Causes of Death

| 1) Patrick Rooney is the founder of, a YouTuber, blogger, and the author of ‘Greek Physique.’ He joins the show today to discuss the leading causes of death in the U.S., President Trump, the Wall, and the Democratic Party.

Back to Chad for IL.

| 2) Joel, Jesse, and James read today’s Super Chats!

Robert from Kansas called to comment on the leading causes of death.

Richard out of California called to ask Jesse for some advice on how to handle being fired at work for being a Trump supporter and a Christian.

Jody is calling out of North Carolina to comment on the college admissions scandal.

Dylan is a first time caller out of Indiana who says he is suicidal because he quit his job today. He is 19 years old and still lives at home.

Thu, Mar 14 Hour 3: Aboud the Ex-Con on Prison Reforms

| 1) Back to Dylan from IN.

Aboud is a YouTuber, businessman, ex-convict, and a long time fan of the show. He joined the show to discuss prison reforms, the treatment of ex-convicts by society, being a Man of God, and importance of family.

| 2) Anne is a first time caller out of New Jersey who called to ask why anger comes from women.

Dustin is calling out of Canada to comment about his use of CBD.

Tyler is another first time caller out of California who was wondering if men and women should be having conversations.

Rock is a first time caller out of Florida who wanted Jesse’s opinion on Jussie Smollett.

Rodney is another first time caller out of New Jersey who was wanted Jesse’s take on the celebrity bribery scandal.

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