URGENT NEWS !!! Secret plot to murder Donald Trump. Pray for the president.

By john lockett 12 months ago

There is a secret plot going on inside the government, to take out Donald Trump without warning, and to replace him with Pence.

People of America, and the Western world, i want you to know that G-D is in total control of all things, but this is a spiritual war, and we must all keep Donald Trump's safety in our daily prayer's, this is very important, because i can guarantee, that all the Illuminati, Satanists and secret societies are praying to their god Satan, to take Trump down. These wicked people send demons and evil spirits to attack the unwary, and the ones low in faith. Satan can only act when people give him authority through surrendering their own free will over to him, BUT !!! your prayers to the one and true G-D Jehovah YHVY, the true creator of all things, will stop those demons in their tracks. AMEN !!!!!!!


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